Welcome to Gogun

Here at GoGun, we feel we are veritable specialists. We only sell weapons that are available without licenses and permits – but not the run-of-the-mill types. The products we carry are all made with outstanding quality and are extremely high powered.

The GoGun corporation was founded in 2017 and is the successor (not legally though) to The Slingshot Channel Store”. This was necessary because of our steep growth rate and the the many additional product lines we took on. The spirit of “The Slingshot Channel” is still with us though. We like weapons with lots of power and extreme accuracy. Most of the freely available weapons in Germany do not have those features. But here, you can still find them, the legal weapons that are proper and powerful!

Enormously strong arrow airguns, crossbows that shoot steel balls with ridiculous speed, high end hunting bows that are made from the very best materials and – last not least – slingshots designed by Jörg Sprave. You just have to be 18 to buy these products. Licenses are not required (in Germany, check your local laws if you live elsewhere).

May we invite you to take a look at our website? The cleanly separate product websites are filled to the brim with the best unregulated weapons you can buy, this we can promise.

Our products

  • Slingshotchannelstore

    RAMbone | Scout | Torque | Pocket Shot | Accessories

    Modern slingshots use high quality vulcanized natural latex and thus achieve unheard of performance. The ergonomically shaped frame allows enormous draw weights that achieve shot energy levels comparable to high end compound hunting bows
  • FX Airguns

    Verminator MK II | Streamline | Bobcat | Ranchero

    77 Joule shot energy! Air rifles developed by FX Airguns from Sweden especially for Germany (precompressed air) for arrows. Accurate to 100 meters, enormous power of impact.
  • Crossbows

    Viper Repeating Crossbow Pistol| Cobra R9 | Steambow

    The Crossbow – Proven, but now reinvented! In medieval times, the crossbow was much feared on the gruesome battlefields of Europe. Precise, powerful, quiet and reliable - these are the main advantages of this distance weapon. Even today, the crossbow can still score these points, even when compared to modern firearms.