band sets

Rubber packs for slingshots are wear parts and must be replaced regularly. Many experts cut their own ribbons and find the ideal tape for their needs. We offer standard bands that are straight cut and therefore very long lasting. The "single" bandets are single-ply and suitable for balls 8 to 12 mm, the "double" bandets are two-ply and are recommended from 16 mm. The bandwidth is 22 mm. The bands are suitable for the Rambone, the Scout and the Torque alike. The enclosed mounting brackets are only needed for the torque, the Rambone and the Scout models use clips for fastening. ___________________________________________ We produce our bandets from TheraBand Gold (TBG) and Naturlatex, in three different forms (TM, SM and TL), one or three layers. Thera Band Gold natural latex Tubes __________________________________________________________ Rubbers and pouches are wear parts, such as tires and brakes on the car. We manufacture our tape and tube sets only from the highest quality materials. Original Theraband, self-imported natural latex from Hygenic Corporation USA (Theraband manufacturer), original Dankungtubes, selected leather and genuine saddlery. Our flat ribbons and pouches are cut with a 30 t punch. The perfect cutting edges make them more durable than hand-cut gums. We offer three different types of latex flat rubbers, Theraband Gold (TBG, 0,67 mm thick) natural latex .030 "(0,76 mm thick) and natural latex .040" (1 mm thick). We manufacture looped tubesets from original Dankung tubesg in three different thicknesses: Standard 2040, Advance / medium 1842 and Strong / strong 1745. All strengths are available in three different lengths: 34.6 cm, 39 cm and 43.6 cm. Tubes are more durable, more robust and less sensitive to light than flat tapes. Tapered flat tapes are more susceptible than straight cut tapes, but they develop better shot dynamics. Theraband-Gold is the strongest physiotherapy latex band on the market. It is almost as strong as natural latex .030 ", but is more durable and less light sensitive. Natural latex has a higher density and therefore has a slightly higher energy potential.