Making a great airgun may be quite complicated. But the philosophy behind FX Airguns is really simple: We want to make the best, most quiet, most efficient and most precise airguns in the world. The recipe behind FX Airguns is that we turn ideas into innovations. And of course passion. For the last 20 years a group of skilled craftsmen and passionate airgun shooters in the small town of Mariestad in the heart of Sweden have had the same goal: To make a riffle that will translate the shooters skill into succes on the range or out in the fields. FX Airguns was founded by Fredrik Axelsson in 1999. A devoted shooter, he was looking for the perfect airgun. But didn’t find it. So he took his own ideas about the perfect gun and made his own. The result was so good that he soon started production. Today FX Airguns is all about accuracy, consistency, just enough power and technical innovations. All FX Airguns are handmade in the workshop in Mariestad by 30 proficient craftsmen and engineers. All products are made to be used, and FX Airguns always tries to find new paths to make the guns unique. FX Airguns has more technology, more new ideas, more innovative solutions and more patents than any leading airgun maker. All products are handcrafted to perfection and tested thoroughly. And most important of all: All FX Airguns are made with passion. The FX range of airguns is the most technological advanced rifles you can find today. But we never stop to come up with new ideas, innovations and solutions. We are always searching for the best airguns of tomorrow. GoGun offers the arrow shooting airguns made by FX Airguns exclusively for the German market. Those models are specifically interesting for Germans as due to the legal definition of a gun, the arrow shooters are not covered by German gun laws at all. Even though they are very powerful (ten times more energy than license free air guns), they are entirely unregulated. They are free for everyone to own, shoot and carry. These rifles are powerful and accurate even at 100 meters distance! (Products are not shipped outside of Germany).