The most advanced hunting bows, made in Wisconsin, USA

Bow hunting has a long tradition in the USA and is very popular. A good hunting bow has enough power to kill a veritable bison, and a good archer can hit with it over long distances, in the most silent fashion. For such top products, people are willing to pay serious money – which accelerated development very significantly. Modern hunting bows are technology masterpieces and lethal weapons. Gearhead Archery has a very special position in this industry. It was founded in order to develop and produce hunting bows for extreme hunting conditions. The employees are all avid bow hunters – but they have a huge amount of know-how and experiences designing and manufacturing complex machinery. In the 60,000 square feet factory, the most advanced CNC machines are employed to manufacture the best bows using the very best materials. You will find such bows nowhere else. The range covery tiny (but very powerful) micro bows and go all the way to full size huntingbows with enormous power. GoGun is the exclusive distributor for Gearhead Archery products in Germany. Even though bow hunting is illegal in Germany, many people are fascinated by the incredibly accurate and powerful hunting bows and love to do target shooting with them. A truly addictive hobby!

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