RAMbone 2.0

The Rambone, designed by the YouTube artist Jörg Sprave ("The Slingshot Channel") is perhaps the best high-performance slingshot in the world. The highly ergonomic handle allows the shooter to control even the heaviest bands. The low, wide fork ensures the lowest wrist strain so that there is no need for clumsy arm braces (those would be illegal in many countries. The mounting clips allow fast and secure band attachments. The slingshot is made from tough polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable. A slingshot that lasts a lifetime! "Made and Designed in Germany". Also available in complete sets with ammo, band sets and replacement bands in attractive blister boxes. From 39,98 €  


Rubber types: flat bands, tubes (tested up to 100 kg = 220 lbs pulling force) Material: tough polycarbonate Colors: Black, red, olive green, white or transparent Band attachment: clips (black, polycarbonate). Countersunk allen key screws, stainless steel, M5 Frame Type: Hammer Grip Country of manufacture: Germany Projectile speed: Depending on the band set and projectile size up to 170 m / s Band loops eyelet: Yes (removable) Dimensions: 165mm (H) x 106mm (W) x 52.5mm (T) Weight: 0.18 kg