The Crossbow – Proven, but now reinvented!

In medieval times, the crossbow was much feared on the gruesome battlefields of Europe. Precise, powerful, quiet and reliable - these are the main advantages of this distance weapon. Even today, the crossbow can still score these points, even when compared to modern firearms. In addition, however, in many countries the crossbow is the only remaining legal long-range weapon with sufficient penetration and range for effective self-defense. Firearms are strictly regulated almost everywhere and must be kept separately from ammunition in a gun safe. Free air rifles are generally too weak and are only suitable for target shooting on cardboard targets Since the Middle Ages, however, a lot has happened in terms of crossbow technology. Modern composite limbs are much more effective and also lighter than the spring steel used previously, wheels increase the acceleration distance and much better trigger systems increase precision to the level of combat ready firearms. Here at GoGun, however, we take these advantages of modern crossbows to the next level. Discover the advantages of a crossbow that can shoot not just arrows, but also steel balls - with a force that is comparable to a police cartridge. Or take a look at the effectiveness of a pistol crossbow that enables a shooter to shoot ten arrows within twenty seconds, each one hitting bullseye!