The Pocket Shot

The new "balloon tube sling" We all like to remember our "childhood serenade" - in addition to the inevitable slingshot from a branch fork, we naturally also made "pea pipes" from a cardboard roll and a balloon. Pea into the balloon, lengthen and go off the shot! This concept is placed on a whole new level with the "Pocket Shot". Professional gums in special design (two thicknesses). Very compact and formed like a ring. The change takes place very quickly and simply from the hand, since the "cover" serves as a tool for the change. Just put a few steel balls in the pouch, unscrew the lid and into the pocket with the "Pocket Shot" - you are already well equipped for every forest walk! This is the smallest and lightest spin on the world market. Nevertheless, astonishing projectile speeds of over 100 m / s are achieved. Also available as arrow version. From 24,98 €  


Band types: Special latex bags in two thicknesses (black, blue) are included. Spare straps also in extra long (for arrows). Material: Polycarbonate Colors: orange or black Strap mounting: ring-clamp mounting, cover serves as tool Handle Type: Ring Handle Country of manufacture: USA   Projectile speed: Depending on the strip and the projectile size, up to 105 m / s Hand loops: No Dimensions: 59mm x 33mm (closed) Weight: 0.12 kg