The Scout™ Gen 2

A Nathan Masters design ): Designed by master slingshot designer Nathan Masters (North Carolina). A perfect combination of a hunting weapon (check local laws) and tournament sporting item. Unlike the power-optimized "Rambone", the "Scout" is shot in the so-called "thumb and index finger support style". Thumb and index finger are pressed against the fork arms, the frame is held with the three remaining fingers. Many shooters prefer this grip, also because it is the way how you shoot slingshots made from thin natural tree forks. The "Scout" is supplied with a latex band, but can be outfitted quickly with other band types (flat or tubular) thanks to the "Flipclips".   39,98 €  


Band types: flat bands, tubes, supplied band natural latex 0,8mm x 22mm x 260mm Material: tough polycarbonate Colors: Camo, Original Green or Double Black Band assembly: flip-clips with Philips type screws Frame Type: thumb and index finger support handle Country of origin: USA   Projectile speed: Depending on the strip and projectile size up to 170 m / s Band loops: Yes Dimensions: 146mm (H) x 106mm (B) Weight: 0.16 kg