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Experience the fascination of children's toys on a whole new level

Who did not shoot slingshots as a kid? Back then, all we needed was a tree fork, a few bands made from office rubber or inner tubing... but that has changed now. Radically so.
Modern slingshots use high quality vulcanized natural latex and achieve unparalleled performance. The ergonomically shaped slingshot allow draw weights that elevate the shot energy to the level of top notch hunting bows. The strongest slingshots in the hands of expert shooters offer shot energy levels of a .22 rimfire and the momentum of a veritable .44 Magnum.
Here you can find slingshots designed by the best of the best. Of course we carry Jörg Sprave’s models, who has supercharged the slingshot boom with his YouTube videos. But you can also buy the products designed and made by the American master slingshotter Nathan Masters (Simple Shot) and other high end slingshots.
These modern slingshots are no toys, but serious sporting goods for adults.
Our extensive range of accessories complete our portfolio.
Experience the fascination of your old kid slingshot on a completely new level!

  • Slingshot Powerbelt

    A real innovation causes a lot of excitement among the slingshot shooters: The "Powerbelt", conceived and perfected by the well-known slingshot expert Gergely Nagyfügedi from Hungary. We have tested the product extensively and are sure: With the help of the "Powerbelt" better accuracy and higher energy yields can be achieved.

    Slinghot Powerbelt
  • RAMbone

    A Jörg Sprave design

    The Rambone, designed by the YouTube artist Jörg Sprave ("The Slingshot Channel") is perhaps the best high-performance slingshot in the world.

    The highly ergonomic handle allows the shooter to control even the heaviest bands.

    The low, wide fork ensures the lowest wrist strain so that there is no need for clumsy arm braces (those would be illegal in many countries.

    The mounting clips allow fast and secure band attachments.
    The slingshot is made from tough polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable.

    A slingshot that lasts a lifetime! "Made and Designed in Germany". Also available in complete sets with ammo, band sets and replacement bands in attractive blister boxes.

  • RAMbini

    A Jörg Sprave design

    The little sister of the RAMbone, for finger support shooting technique. Compact and handy, with convenient clips and detachable hand protection. Ideal for travel and shooting. Coming soon.

  • US-Slingshots

    Legendary slingshots from the USA

    The Scout™ and Axiom Ocularis™: Designed by master slingshot designer Nathan Masters (North Carolina). A perfect combination of a hunting weapon (check local laws) and tournament sporting item.

    The Torque™: This creation of Mark Seljan is without a doubt a masterpiece of design! The small and really lightweight slingshot fits in every trouser pocket.

    The Pocket Shot: This is the smallest and lightest slingshot on the planet. Nevertheless, astonishing projectile speeds of over 100 m/s can be achieved.

  • Bandets, steel balls and other accessories

    arrows, goggles, talcum, tube sets...

    From our own production: Band sets from Theraband-Gold (up to 4 layers) and Natural Latex. Tube sets from Dankung tubes. In different lengths and thicknesses. For this - steel balls, protective and maintenance accessories, arrow adapters and arrows ...

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  • Shape Up

    Field tested by Jörg Sprave and 4000 Facebook group members! It works.

    by GELITA Health GmbH ShapeUp - Food supplements to support muscle growth, fat reduction and the maintenance of muscle mass

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  • Do it Yourself

    Build your own RAMbone, cut your own band sets

    Many practical things for home made slingshots: tools, tubes and Theraband-Gold (uncut strips or pre punched bands), pouches, leather, yarn, plywood ...

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