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Scuba Ringer MK2

Welcome to Gogun

We at GoGun see ourselves as specialists for free weapons and accessories. But not just any free guns, but handpicked products with excellent quality and tested performance.

Our company

Gogun GmbH is located in Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr area, only a few kilometers away from the World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein. Here is our distribution warehouse, from here we deliver worldwide to our customers, dealers and distributors.

Our business model is the distribution of high quality, powerful and noble weapons. To purchase, you only need to be of legal age - firearms permits are not required.

Our team in Essen takes care of delivery, hotline, helpdesk and support with high commitment.

Jörg Sprave, also known to many through his YouTube channel, is heavily involved in the development, testing and presentation of products.

Our history

GoGun GmbH, newly founded in 2017, emerged from the "Slingshotchannel Store". This step became necessary due to strong growth and the many newly added product lines.

The origin lies with the power twills developed by Jörg Sprave, which are still in the program today and enjoy high popularity. In the course of time, crossbows, bows and high-quality air rifles were added. The range of products and accessories is constantly being expanded and developed.

Inevitably, the existing premises became significantly too small. In the fall of 2020, we moved to the Krablerstr. industrial park, where we now have a hall with a high-bay warehouse at our disposal.


GoGun GmbH is a mail order company.
The delivery warehouse and administration are located at the Essen site; there is no shop.

You can find a lot of information about our products in the form of videos on JoergSprave's YouTube channel and on Facebook.
If you have any specific questions, please contact us by e-mail or via the hotline.

Some of our articles may only be sold to persons over 18 years of age. These items are marked with (Ab18).

During checkout in the shopping cart, you will be asked to upload your identification data. If you do not have the data available at that moment, you can also send the documents to [email protected] later.

We require a copy of a valid ID document as a JPG or PDF file. It must show your name, date of birth and address (= delivery address).
If your ID document does not show an address (passport, driving licence), please provide us an additional document. (e.g. electricity bill or similar).

The verification is only necessary once for registered customers. Until the age check is completed, the orders will be blocked and not processed.

You can find information on many of our products in the form of videos on JoergSprave's YouTube channel.
You can find more information and an exchange with other customers in the GoGun Forum and on Facebook.
You can reach our telephone hotline between 12:00 and 16:00.
You can also send your questions by email to [email protected] .
The links to Youtube, Facebook and Forum can be found in the headers and footers of our page.

GoGun GmbH delivers worldwide.

However, some articles may only be delivered within Germany or may not be delivered to certain countries. These articles are marked with delivery country information. It is then prevented that these articles can be ordered.

Please clarify whether certain weapons may be imported into your home country or whether special regulations must be observed.
GoGun GmbH is not responsible if there are problems with customs or weapons authorities in your country.

GoGun GmbH distributes free weapons. These can be freely purchased from the age of 18. The age of the customer is checked by us. All items with age verification are marked 18.
The air rifles we sell have an F mark and max. 7.5 joules.

Some of these rifles may be operated with a higher power in other countries, so some models come with corresponding export kits.
We expressly point out that a conversion in Germany may only be carried out by a gunsmith. The weapon is then subject to WBK.

For orders of items that are not marked with Ab 18, you can specify a different delivery address both in your account and in the checkout.

For items marked with Ab 18 may and can not be specified in the store for the order of a different delivery address.

In individual cases, this can be added by our employees in the merchandise management for the order. We then require proof of address and age of the deviating recipient. If you want to have the package delivered to your place of work, we need a confirmation that the package will be delivered unopened only to you. We recommend for such cases to make the payment only after clarification.

The country must be the same in the billing address and shipping address.

GoGun GmbH uses automated systems for order and payment processing. Orders can be placed by the customer in the store system and are transferred to the merchandise management system after any necessary age verification. Here the orders are managed, stocks and deliveries are planned.
The status "In process" in the store means that the order has been transferred to the merchandise management system and scheduled. The order is then delivered on the advised delivery date. This can be in the future for pre-orders. If the submission of the proof of age is significantly delayed, it may happen that no goods are reserved for the order and the delivery is delayed. Please submit necessary proofs promptly and completely.
Payments made in the store (Paypal) will be displayed in your account. For other payment methods you will receive an email confirming the payment, in the store until delivery the payment status will be displayed Open.
Upon delivery, you will receive a notification with the tracking information. Hereby you can track the delivery and control it to a limited extent.
As a rule, due to the automation and close interlocking of various systems, we cannot make any order changes, order adjustments or combine deliveries.
Cancellation of an order is of course always possible in the case of incorrect orders. In individual cases, we will also always find a solution for major problems.