Adder V2 Magazine: for Seven arrows and quick loading function!

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Adder V2 Magazine: for seven arrows and quick loading function!

The “EK Archery RX Adder” is probably the most popular tactical crossbow worldwide. Since the first delivery in January 2020, many thousands of pieces are already in the hands of our customers and the demand does not stop. No wonder, because such a crossbow has set completely new standards!

But of course we did not rest on our laurels and improved the Adder even more. The new “Adder V2” magazine, developed and produced entirely in Germany, revolutionizes the concept once again.

  • Fits on every Adder without any changes
  • 7 shots instead of 5 shots capacity
  • Completely liftable and lockable loading lever
  • Quick load function
  • Optional quick loader (clips), 7 arrows can be filled in at once
  • Easy use of long arrows (single front loading function)
  • Possibility of using telescopic sights (scopes)
  • Tighter string slot to improve reliability
  • Side parts made from powder-coated aluminum

Adder V2 Magazine: 249 €

Quick loader: 29 € per piece (NO FUNCTION with the old 5-shot magazine, only for original Adder arrows)

Adder complete with ADDITIONAL 7-shot magazine: 499 € (delivery from mid November)

Attention, these magazines and quick loaders are ONLY available at GoGun. There are also Adders on the market that are actually intended for other countries (e.g. UK). Such reimported products are delivered WITHOUT  the new magazine. The retrofit costs 249 € for the magazine . In case of doubt, specifically ask the vendor!


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