Viper Repeating Crossbow Pistol

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Based on the popular “Cobra” pistol crossbow, the “Viper” turns the simple but powerful single shot weapon into a repeating tactical self-defense bolt shooter with amazing accuracy and unrivaled shot rates.
The “heart” of the Viper is a ten-shot magazine for 6,5” two-vaned aluminum bolts with steel tips. It is machined from massive aluminum plates and built to last a lifetime. You can fill it up within a few moments, put in the steel follower and engage the elastic cord that pushes it down on the bolts. Now all you have to do is to cock the crossbow with the built-in “self cocking” lever and you are ready to shoot. The ten bolts can be fired within 20 seconds even by an unpracticed operator. This is more than six times faster than the unmodified Cobra crossbow.
The front handle and the red dot sights add tremendous comfort and make it really easy to hit your targets. It is easy to hit a coconut from 20 meters or more.
The “Viper” is probably the best self-defense weapon for countries where firearms are not an option (check your local laws). It was developed by Jörg Sprave, who has demonstrated the effectiveness of the weapon on his popular YouTube-channel.

Scope of Delivery:

– Cobra NXG pistol crossbow
– Magazine for 10 arrows, made from milled, massive, bolted aluminium plates
– Steel follower incl. elastic band
– 10 aluminium arrows with steel points
– Reflex Sight Tactical, 4 Different Reticles, Red and Green Dot, with Rail Mount
– Front handle

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  • 25.00cm Height
  • 44.00cm Width
  • 50.00cm Length
  • 2.50kg Weight