Cobra R9 “GoGun Special 130 lbs” set

Item number : 1000484 | Cobra R9 "GoGun Special" set


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  • Cobra R9 “GoGun Special 130lbs” set

    The new Cobra R9 is one of the greatest new product releases in the crossbow market we have seen in years. The super easy cocking method, the small size combined with “killer” tactical looks make this crossbow very special. 

    We have put together a package that makes the weapon even more attractive. You get all the components of the EK Archery “Deluxe” Kit, but on top of that we have added

    – 130 lb bow frontend incl stringstopper(in addition to the standard 90 lb frontend)
    – 10 15″ arrows, exchangeable tips
    – all metal high quality red dot sights (in addition to the regular low cost plastic sights) 
    – Transport bag for the Cobra R9

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  • 4.35kg Weight