Dynamic Sports Gear 0,2 Liter HP System for Steambow

Item number : 1000467 | Dynamic Sports Gear 0,2 Liter HP System for Staembow


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The Dye Coer 0.25 litre HP system is the smallest and lightest 300 bar HP Syytem on the market. The Dye Core bottle is manufactured by the well-known manufacturer Armotech. Armotech stands for absolute high-end quality in terms of HP bottles. Due to the stainless steel core in combination with a feverish glass coat and resin, these bottles are not only ultra-light, but also maximum resilient. This offer includes the new Dye Core 0.25 litre 300 Bar HP bottle and a matching 300 bar HP regulator 

Specifications of the Dye Core 0.2 litre HP system:
Volume 0.25 L
Work Print/Filling Print 300 Bar
Test print of the manufacturer 450 Bar
Diameter 50mm
Length 200mm (without regulator)
Weight of bottle 282g (without regulator)
Compatible with all major HP regulators (please choose model)
PI-TÜV-tested for maximum safety

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