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EK Archery Cobra R Series “Siege”

Compound crossbow with underlever quick cocking technology

North American customers can purchase the Cobra R-Series “Siege” here

The time has come – the first compound “Cobra R” goes into production!

After the incredible success of the predecessor models “R9” and “RX”, the most powerful and sophisticated version of the popular underlever crossbow to date is now coming onto the market.

With arrow velocities of up to 328 fps (100 m/s) and a projectile energy of up to 52 ft-lb (70 Joules), the “Siege” achieves unprecedented performance numbers for a tactical crossbow.

The throwing arm is kept extremely compact, the weapon is significantly narrower than the “R9/RX”. Due to the adjustability of the limbs, the draw resistance can be continuously adjusted between 115 lbs and 150 lbs. Due to the significant extension of the cocking lever and the roller-assisted throwing arm technology, the weapon is particularly easy to cock. The string can be changed quickly by unscrewing the adjustment screws by hand (without special tools), which eliminates a typical disadvantage of compound systems.

The compound throwing arm has let-off, which means the highest resistance during tensioning is reached approximately in the middle of the tensioning movement. As a result, there is much less weight on the trigger when fully cocked. This not only protects the material, but also makes for a much smoother trigger pull. Ideal for long range shots!

The “Siege” comes with new, 15.5-inch-long special bolts, weighing approx. 277 gr (18 grams). Unlike previous models, these bolts feature three vanes, which is especially important for longer shooting distances.

To account for the significantly greater shooting distance compared to previous models, the “Siege” is not supplied with a simple red dot sight, but with a real scope (4x magnification). We have been able to get very good hits even at 70 meters.

Since production is now starting and we have received an excellent release sample, the Siege can now be pre-ordered. Initial delivery is expected in September or October 2021 (non-binding). Supplies are expected to be tight until well into 2022, so pre-ordering is recommended.

The “Siege” is now a full-size crossbow, with a projectile energy that is about twice that of the “RX”. Nevertheless, it is easier to cock and even more compact. It is simply the pinnacle of development in compact crossbows.


Scope of delivery:

  • 3 x 15.5″ carbon bolts.
  • 1 x quiver
  • 1 x shoulder strap
  • 1 x AR stock with buffer tube, adjustable cheek rest
  • 1 x Scope 4x32mm
  • 1 x Single foregrip
  • 1 x Bipod
  • 1 x Safety glasses
  • 1 x string wax

EK Archery R-Series “Siege”.

499 €


Note 1: We (GoGun GmbH) are currently developing a “repeater kit” for the “Siege”. This consists of a completely new magazine for seven 15-inch arrows, a height-adjustable scope mount with a high-precision folding device, a different lock and a different arrow rail. The conversion is easy and reversible with the included tools. With the kit mounted, the “Siege” then becomes perhaps the most interesting tactical crossbow ever! Scopes of any size can be mounted to allow long range shots – thanks to the fold down feature, the arrows can still be easily loaded at any time. The adjustable tilt of the scope allows “spot shooting” at any distance. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the magazine will be sold only through GoGun. Pricing has not yet been determined (our target price is 299 €), but as always, there will be a heavily discounted “Siege + magazine kit” set price (target price for the complete set 649 €). Every Siege customer who places his order with us will be guaranteed this price even if the kit is delivered later. Individually, however, the kit will only be available at a significantly higher price. For up-to-date information, we recommend following our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GoGun-GmbH-520644628312984.

Note 2: Compared to the previous models, the “Siege” has been changed a lot despite the optical similarity. The arrow rail has a different design, the cocking lever has been lengthened and reinforced, the receiver for the throwing arm has also been reinforced and the string stoppers have been integrated into the body. Therefore, an upgrade of previous Cobra models with the compound throwing arm is unfortunately not possible. We ask you to refrain from such requests.

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