Foam Target „Stronghold“, 3-ply

Item number : 1000401 | Foam Target „Stronghold“, 3-ply


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Stronghold Foam disc CROSSBOW MAX
-Made in Germany-

The stronghold target system CROSSBOW is designed for crossbows up to 250lbs with up to 440fps arrow speed. The Foamdisk has an inner core made of a foam-plastic compound for an enormous stop effect. The outer layer consists of the proven SHTF 600 target foam.
In this model, 3 individual foam discs with 10cm thickness each are connected. With a patented changing system, individual worn-out discs can easily be replaced by new, inexpensive replacement discs. By the way, the 3-component connection system of the individual disks is more weather-resistant than the conventional adhesive technology. The plastic parts of the system, which are only mounted on the outermost edge of the disc, are soft and flexible, which means that neither the system nor the arrow is damaged when On fire

-Suitable for crossbows with weights up to approx. 250lbs/440fps

-Insensitive to wind and weather
-Soft and easy pulling out of the arrows
-Patented replacement system for longer shelf life

Size/Weight: 60x60x30cm/14, 7kg
Stronghold target Foam SHTF 600 (external)
Stronghold SKV (inside)

Please note: The indication “bis 250lbs” refers to the bombardment of the disc with a crossbow up to 250 lbs and an arrow speed of 440 fps. For crossbows with higher speeds, the 250 lbs specification and the 440 FPS indication may not be accurate.
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