FX Airguns Bobcat MK2 Arrow Profiset –

Item number : 1000368 | Compact. Powerful. Purebred.


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FX Airguns Bobcat MK2 Arrow Profiset

  • FX Bobcat MK2 DE
  • FX or Gehmann( equivalent to FX)Airguns Three Stage Turbo Pump subject to availability
  • FX Optik 3-12 x 44 ir / ao
  • FX Scopemounts
  • 10 x FX Arrows for Bobcat
  • Supplied in FX-Airgun's original box

Bobcat MkII Arrow
Compact. Powerful. Purebred.
Due to the great success of the “Verminator” Arrow Rifle we received many requests for a “Bullpup” version. This term refers to a rifle with a rear-mounted system and a correspondingly redirected trigger. By eliminating a “dead” butt stock, the rifle can be built much shorter without sacrificing performance or precision.
This modern principle makes the “Bobcat MkII Arrow” perhaps the most compact and leading high-powered arrow weapon. This is the new “flagship” of the arrow rifles from FXAirguns.
Like the “Verminator”, the “Bobcat” has a match trigger that can be adjusted from 300 to 700 grams. In addition to the usual pressure gauge for the pressure in the 300ccm air pressure tank (max 250 bar), there is now also a pressure indicator for the pressure in the regulated compression chamber (150 bar).
A fully filled tank is sufficient for about 16 shots at full power (104 joules). The tank can be easily filled by hand pump, air cylinder or compressor using the quick-charge nozzle.
The air pressure tank has a rotating protective sleeve which protects the filling opening from dirt.
Like the “Verminator”, the “Bobcat” is not a weapon in the sense of the German weapons law, since no projectile is accelerated by a barrel (see BKA-assessment of the “Verminator”). In spite of the high power (approx. 104 Joule, 83 m/s arrow speed)and range (targeted shots are possible even at distances >100 m) the weapon is free (in Germany) for anyone over 18 years of age (voluntary self-limitation). Carrying and use are not requiring a permit either (however, safety regulations must be observed). There are no obligations whatsoever for storage in closed containers.
Attention: The shown bipod is NOT included in the delivery. However, it is possible to mount a Picatinny rail. We recommend that you have this carried out by a specialist company if necessary.
Attention: We do not deliver FXAirguns arrow guns to addresses outside of Germany.

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  • 12.60kg Weight