FX Verminator MK2 DE Solo –>delivery approx end of march

Item number : 1000146 | Gun and case only!


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FX Verminator MK2 DE Solo, gun and case only!
GoGun offers the arrow shooting airguns made by FXAirguns exclusively for the German market. Those models are specifically interesting for Germans as due to the legal definition of a gun, the arrow shooters are not covered by German gun laws at all. Even though they are very powerful (ten times more energy than license free air guns), they are entirely unregulated. They are free for everyone to own, shoot and carry. These rifles are powerful and accurate even at 100 meters distance! (Products are not shipped outside of Germany).

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  • 8.5kg Weight


Germany's Most Dangerous Toy (FXAirguns Verminator MK II)

Shot Show 2017 Sensation Unveiled!

The world's most accurate arrow shooter?