FX Ranchero Arrow

Item number : 1000379 | Arrow Pistol with more than 40 joule power


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The Ranchero Arrow is perhaps the most compact, truly powerful arrow rifle on the market. With an arrow speed of approx. 68 m/s (223 fps) and an arrow weight of 18 grams (288 gr), the energy is approx. 41 joules (30 ft-lb)!

The target impact of the arrows is even better than with many small firearms due to the high momentum and the sharp steel tip. The arrows can be equipped with standard hunting tips.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden! The precision is on a very high level thanks to the ergonomic handle, the match grade trigger and the excellent workmanship. Experienced shooters can hit at distances of up to 50 meters (55 yds)!

The rifle has an 11mm prism rail and can be equipped with standard red dot sights or pistol rifle scopes.

Like all arrow weapons from the FX Airguns “Arrow Edition” line, the Ranchero is available without any gun license in Germany. It is not subject to any restrictions under the German gun law and Shooting in your own garden is permitted (observe safety regulations).

The Ranchero Arrow is more compact, precise and powerful than any commercially available pistol crossbow known to us. A whole new dimension in terms of “free weapons” in Germany.

Currently only available for right-handed shooters. Proof of age required. Delivery only to Germany and Austria.

The Ranchero Arrow comes with 3 bolts.

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  • 3.40kg Weight