Gogun Ballistic Gelatin – bucket

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GOGUN BALLISTIC 3 GELATINE is ideal for tissue simulations. What do you need it for? For example, it can be used to test how a shot from a particular weapon affects the body of a human or animal. It can be used to reproduce the path of a projectile as well as the interaction of projectile and tissue. The penetration of the projectile can be measured, as well as deformations, damages and deviations from the path of the projectile. Tissue damage can also be assessed, making our ballistic gelatin ideal as a model for forensic investigations. Depending on the concentration, models with different strength can be produced.

You will receive a 3,6 kg bucket of gelatin powder, we recommend a mixing ratio of 1:4 to 1:5 (gelatin : water).
You are free in the shaping.
Simple mixing possible, you will also receive the instructions for reproducible ballistic tests.
3,6 kg bucket

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  • 3.8kg Weight