“Greyback” compound bow, left-hand version

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“Greyback” Compound Bow

This compound bow was carefully selected by us. The manufacturing quality is high, but the bow is nevertheless affordable. With its extensive adjustment options WITHOUT special tools, it can be optimized to the individual needs of the user. Application range from light practice to big game hunting (please check the local hunting laws).

Its length of  just 30″ axle to axle makes it extremely easy to handle. The low weight is a great advantage, especially in combination with the Fenris bow magazine.

The bow is delivered WITHOUT bow sight, without arrow rest and WITHOUT D-Loop. A Peep-Sight is installed. When used with the “Fenris Greyback complete offer” no additional accessories are needed.

Bow riser material           -Lightweight Alloy
Bow limb material           -Laminated compound
Color                                     -Black
Usage                                   -Sports, Hunting, Fenris
Draw weight                      -30-70lbs (14-32kg)
Axle to Axle                       -30″ (approx. 76 cm)
Arrow speed (IBO)          -230-306fps (70-93 m/s)
Brace height                      -7″ (approx. 17 cm)
Draw length                       -24,5-30″ (in twelve steps)
Bow weight                       -4.4lbs (approx. 2 kg)
Let-off                                  -70%

“Greyback” compound bow, right hand version € 298,-
“Greyback” compound bow, left-hand version (from end of November 2020) € 348,-

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