Jim Wagner RBB ‘Serrated’ bundle

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Jim Wagner RBB 'Outdoor' Bundle

1*Jim Wagner RBB 'Outdoor' 
1*slingshot attachment kit
100* Steelbals 8 mm


  • Type: Pocket Knife
  • Overall Length: 23 cm
  • Blade Length: 9,7 cm
  • Weight: 176 g
  • Designer: Jim Wagner
  • Blade Material: 440C
  • Handle Material: Synthetic
  • Opener: No
  • Opening: Manual
  • Lock Type: Backlock
  • Color: Black
  • Blade Color: Uncoated

Jim Wagner from California has had many bad experiences with attacks to his person as an officer on police patrol, in the penal system, as a SWAT-member, soldier and bodyguard. This is the origin of his Reality Based Personal Protection System, a training program for self-defense. Many international special units use his techniques and have been trained by him, among others in Germany, Israel, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. His designs are absolutely fit for use, the years of experience of the US-American flows into every single knife.
After a long and thorough examination, we have decided to include a total of four models of “RBB” knives in our range of products. These knives are of high quality, razor sharp and perfectly balanced.
What makes the knives so special: They allow the mounting of a slingshot attachment. It is securely attached to the end of the handle by means of a bolt and screw (included) and makes the knife a combination weapon!
In this video Jörg presents his invention:

A total of four models are available:
RBB “Outdoor”
A utility knife that cannot be opened with one hand and therefore may be freely used in Germany (§ 42a WaffG)
The installation of the sling attachment is permitted in Germany, as this knife is not considered a weapon in the sense of the weapons laws.

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