STEAMBOW Bulldog 400 – tank mounted backwards

Item number : 1000460 | STEAMBOW Bulldog 400 – tank mounted backwards


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teambow, based on an Excalibur Bulldog 400, with the tank factory mounted on the side of the stock. Ready to go right out of the box.
The air source adapter, where you connect the paintball tank, is on the front of our PowerUnit. Therefore, you can upgrade an existing crossbow just by exchanging the original riser. Also, the upgrade stays fully reversible this way.
Dedicated Steambow users might prefer to mount the tank on the side of the stock. Then the overall balance of the Steambow is improved, you can comfortably mount larger tanks and you can keep the tank attached when you are using our manual cocking kit.
For this conversion we need to make some permanent modifications to the stock of your crossbow. Besides the air line, that is now running through the rail, we need to tap threads to mount the new air source adapter on the side. With an supplied adapter, the air-line/hose is connected to the front of the PowerUnit – the original air source adapter can still be used to mount tanks in the front if necessary.
The set includes:
1 x high quality “Custom Products” Air Source Adpater with an on/off and purge valve
Macro line (high pressure air line), inserted into the rail of the crossbow
Mounting blocks to mount even large tanks on the side of the stock
Adapter to connect the macroline to the air source adapter on the front of the PowerUnit
All necessary screws, mounting materials and fittings necessary for the conversion
Mounting the tank to the side of the crossbow stock offers many advantages:

  • The overall balance of the Steambow is improved and the center of weight moves to the middle of the crossbow
  • You can now mount larger tanks that offer a lot more shots per refill, for example a lightweight 1.1 liters carbon fiber tank that offer more than 50 shots per refill.
  • You can keep the tank mounted on your Steambow when you want to use our manual cocking kit.
  • The supplied high-quality air source adapter has an inbuilt valve that allows you to easily connect or purge your Steambow.

The scope shown on the pictures as well as the bottle are only examples and not included.

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  • 78.00cm Length
  • 7.6kg Weight