STEAMBOW Manual Cocking Kit

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With the aid of these manual cocking kit you can now cock your Steambow completely manually or with of a cocking aid.
For most of the cocking aids and for manual cocking you need to attach a stirrup on the Steambow. This stirrup, that is supplied with our manual cocking kit can be mounted to the front of the PowerUnit.

Never touch the front of the PowerUnit and keep your hands, fingers away from the limb mounts. This is especially important while you use the automatic cocking mechanism. There is the danger to pinch your fingers or get them squeezed.
With the stirrup attached there is now a much greater risk, including losing your finger or other body parts, when something gets between the limb mounts and the stirrup. Use great care when you use the automatic cocking feature while a stirrup is attached!
The manual cocking kit consists of:

  • 1 x Stirrup
  • 1 x mounting block to mount the stirrup to the PowerUnit
  • 2 x mounting screws
  • 2 x locking blocks with one thumbscrew per locking block

With the aid of the mounting block and the mounting screws the stirrup is mounted on the rounded front of the PowerUnit. This is fully optional and depends on the kind of cocking aid you want to use. With the locking blocks the limbs mounts can be locked in the forward position. To mount the locking blocks completely without any high pressure air you will need a stringing aid..

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  • 78.00cm Length
  • 3.8kg Weight