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Steambow’s patented technology uses the field-proven compressed air or CO2 canisters that are commonly used in airguns and paintball guns to make quick work of cocking, loading and decocking the Steambow. All it takes is the push of a button to load and cock the Steambow. Decocking the Steambow is just as fast and just as safe.

More highlights of Steambow’s pneumatic crossbows include:

  • Nearly silent cocking and decocking with a push of a button – OPC
  • Collapsible configuration for ease of transport
  • Can be safely stored loaded 
  • Longer life than conventional crossbows

Incorporating an all-black, tactical theme and sending arrows downrange at up to 330 fps with a formidable maximum 100 foot-pounds of energy, the Sen-X Onyx is capable of taking down a variety of wild game. It also makes for a fun target-practice tool and affords people with physical limitations who are unable to operate a conventional crossbow an opportunity to participate in the highly rewarding shooting sport.
Whether you've been thinking about getting into archery or are already a seasoned practitioner, the  Onyx Tactical Crossbow by Steambow is definitely worth a look. 

Airbottle is not incl.

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  • 72.00cm Length
  • 3.35kg Weight