Steambow Stinger Polyamid – Summer Special

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Summer Special :
Steambow Stinger Polyamid, 10 + 30 Arrows, Red Dot

The next generation of the successful AR-6 Stinger by Steambow.
 Same concept but with a high quality polymer magazine instead of the CNC milled aluminum magazine. Low weight but extremely stable – like a Glock grip – with the same accuracy, shooting strength and ergonomics as the previous AR-6 Stinger.

Arrow speed & energy:
With included standard throwing arm:
-with practice arrows (103 grains / 6.7 grams): 175 FPS / 9 joules (7.0 ft-lb)
 – with hunting arrows (157 grains / 10.2 grams): 154 FPS / 11 joules (8.3 ft-lb)

With optional tuning throwing arm:
– with practice arrows (103 grains / 6.7 grams): 220 FPS / 15 joules (11.1 ft-lb)
 – with hunting arrows (157 grains / 10.2 grams): 190 FPS / 17 joules (12.7 ft-lb)

Scope of delivery:
1 crossbow body, cast aluminum, painted black
1 magazine, plastic injection molding, black
1 standard throwing arm
2 tendons (i.e. including 1 replacement tendon)
1 clamping aid (throwing arm with additional groove for clamping aid)
1 instruction manual (German / English)
1 vertical front handle
1 accessory pack with all screws, washers and tools – everything you need!
1 x pack with 10 practice arrows
3 x 10 arrows

1 Red Dot

Note: Due to a recent change of opinion at the BKA, we assume that even conventional laser pointers and torches may no longer be mounted on crossbows. The BKA previously saw this differently, as this letter from 2016 shows:  Due to this change in the legal situation, we are NO longer supplying lasers, lamps and holders for crossbows. Existing owners should read this text thoroughly and implement the recommendations it contains. 

North American customers can purchase the Steambow AR-6P Stinger here


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