Stinger ”2” Polyamid Tactical 6-shot tactical crossbow–>shipping aprox mid/end of November

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NEW: The Steambow “Stinger 2

only with GoGun incl. magazine cover with rail for optional scope

The AR-6 Stinger 2 is a modular crossbow with several expansion options, versatile range of use and extensive accessories.
Due to the range of accessories, the customer can also assemble each version later. The price of the individual components is naturally higher than the set price.

The AR-6 Stinger 2 is a light-weight, leaded, tactical crossbow with a 6-shot magazine. The magazine has an integrated accessory compartment.
Made of high quality polymer, the AR-6 Stinger 2 is extremely lightweight, rugged, very reliable and accurate shooting at distances up to 25 meters. However, the AR-15/M4 shoulder rest also makes it comfortable to shoot at longer distances. The longer shoulder rest also allows for a much more comfortable cocking of the crossbow due to the longer lift. The AR-6 Stinger 2 is thus also suitable for weaker people or can now be used significantly stronger limbs as with the predecessor.
Magazine capacity: 6 arrows
Total weight: 1.15 kg including shoulder rest and vertical foregrip.
Total length: 56 cm
Width: 44 cm
Limbs: 55 lbs. / 90 lbs. (Included in delivery is the 55. lbs bow)
The integrated accessory compartment comes standard with a small container, e.g. for small parts.
The fiber optic sight allows fast and intuitive aiming. A red dot sight (Red Dot) can be attached to the front Picatinny rail. EXCLUSIVELY at GoGun and at GoGun dealers, an interchangeable magazine door is also included, which includes an additional Picatinny rail. This allows commercially available scopes to be mounted, which is extremely useful for accurate shooting thanks to the buttstock. 

The forward tilt of the rail allows a commercial scope (4×32, as shown in the picture) to be shot at distances between 0 and 32 yards “spot”, and even considerably farther with the more powerful 90 lbs bow.
NOTE: This option (magazine cover with rail) is ALWAYS included when purchased through GoGun.  Gray importers usually cannot supply this cover.
The scope pictured is NOT included.


-Repeating crossbow with magazine (incl. integrated accessory compartment)
-Vertical foregrip
-Length adjustable shoulder rest with “Commercial Spec” AR-15 buffer tube
-6 practice arrows
-2 strings
-Cocking aid

Accessories (Optional):
– Scope 4×32
– Color kits
– 90 pound throwing arm
– Red dot sight
– Blue training arrows
– Black high penetration bodkins
– Red Hunting Arrows

Kinetic Energy & Arrow Speed:

                                                Draw weight      FPS                        m/s                        Kinetic energy.
AR-Stinger II                       55 lbs.                  180 FPS                55 m/s                  14 Joules
AR-Stinger II PRO             90 lbs.                  220 FPS                68 m/s                  21 Joules

Product Highlights / Features:
– Open sights (rear sight & front sight) on top of magazine.
– Picatinny accessory rail on top for red dot sights
– ONLY AT GOGUN: Magazine door with scope mounting rail
– Full-length Picatinny rail on the bottom for foregrips or tactical light
– Integrated accessory compartment (DM15)
– 2 ports (DM20) for optional accessories such as laser sight (green), tactical light or accessory container (accessories and mounting system sold separately)
– AR-15/M-4 shoulder rest (adjustable in length) with “commercial spec buffer tube

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