X-Bow Cobra 9 Kit, Pistol Crossbow

Item number : 1000453 | X-Bow Cobra 9 Kit, Pistol Crossbow


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The prime example of a crossbow with a tactical flair. Completely in black and with a structured handle that reminds strongly of a pistol, the pistol X-Bow obra R9 makes its name all the honor. The power pack with up to 90 lbs traction has a fiberglass reinforced housing and a cobra clamping system. Picatinny rails for the inclusion of sights and other accessories, such as lamps round off the picture. Six arrows are included in the scope of delivery for immediate entry.
The kit brings the shank and the light point sight directly with you and invites you to get started immediately.

Now also available in the shop
Now  also available in our shop: 

110lbs Frontend(Bow incl. String) and 15'' Bolts for the Cobra R9

1x Pistol Crossbow
1x Red Dot Visor
1x Tactical Front Handle
1x Shank Extension
6x 7.5 inch Carbonbolzen
1x Shoulder Strap
1x Tendon Wax
1x Safety Glases

Weight 90 lbs
Length 810 mm
Weight 2500 g

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