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Ersatzbogen für Armbrust Adder, Cobra R9 und R10 - 90 lbs

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Produktinformationen "Ersatzbogen für Armbrust Adder, Cobra R9 und R10 - 90 lbs"


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November 6, 2022 23:35

Still powerful at close ranges! Excellent for training too!

I have a cardboard box stuffed with layered cardboard in it and all 90lbs, 110lbs and 135lbs throwing arms penetrate pretty much the same, so even though the 90lbs is the lightest, it still hits hard. The more powerful arms mainly have the advantage of longer range and bigger kinetic force behind the shots. I like this one since it has the advantage of being easier to cock, preserves the string much longer due to less stress and is excellent for safely training the motion to decock the R10 (or R9 if you have that one). It took me a while to get it, but the trick to decocking the R9/R10 is to first push the level bottom upwards, then pull the unlock mechanism and then brace against the force of the cocked bow and slowly release it out.